Whole Health Concord Synergy Package

For the clients of Get Fit NH only, the Health Synergy Plan offered by Whole Health Concord was created for clients who appear to be doing “everything right” for good health, but aren’t seeing the results they are looking for.

This package provides you with three 40 minute sessions with the Naturopathic Doctors of Whole Health Concord, and is intended to provide you with:

  1. More knowledge about your current health.
  2. The tools to uncover unknown obstacles to better energy and well-being, weight loss, sleep and mood.
  3. The ability to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illness.
  4. The ability to take better control over and responsibility for your own health.

Consultation Outline:

Session 1:  Medical history, previous labs and health risks assessed and appropriate labs ordered for patient.

Session 2:  Lab results will be reviewed and prioritized, treatment plan with focus points and goals will be designed to address lab findings. Dietary recommendations as well as nutritional supplementation may be recommended.

Session 3:  Review efficacy of treatment plan and patient progress and adjust plan to address maintenance for patient going forward.  If patient wants to continue with naturopathic care after this 3rd session they will have the option of doing so.

To find out more about this client only package, please call Get Fit NH at (603) 344-2651