We only sell products that we have personally used, tested, and have proven they deliver what they promise. Please click an image for more info and to purchase. 


Precision Nutrition is what Coach Dean personally used to lose over 80 pounds and keep it off. As a certified PN Coach, he has seen firsthand what this powerful nutrition system can do when applied consistently. Developed by Dr, John Berardi, Precision Nutrition V3 has helped thousands of people get a handle on their nutrition and achieve an optimal weight, better health, and top performance.

Copies of Precision Nutrition V3 are stocked in our facilities as well as available online.



Resistance Bands have proven themselves over thousands of training sessions at Get Fit NH. We have tested numerous brands over the years and these stand the test of time. Suitable for mobility, warmup, resistance and metabolic training, as well as flexibility training.




TRX Suspension Trainers are a fixture in our facilities for their versatility, portability, ease of use and durability. This one tool fits easily in your suitcase for training on the go, use it in the park, or in the comfort of your own home.




Prograde Nutrition offers a wide variety of whole food supplements, as well as one of the few protein supplements without any artificial sweeteners.  High quality ingredients and a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.




We have owned a Vitamix for over 7 years and going strong. To call these a blender is a great disservice to this high quality machines versatility and power. From fresh smoothies to hot soup, this machine does it all, and is backed up with a 7 year warranty.




Ultimate Muscle Protein from Beverly International is without the best tasting protein supplement we have ever tried. Whether you love Chocolate or appreciate the great taste and versatility of UMP Vanilla, this high quality supplement is sure to make your taste buds smile – really, it’s that good!

We stock UMP Chocolate and Vanilla in our facilities at the best price anywhere. (not available through us online)