Here’s Why Training With Get Fit NH Gets You The Results You Deserve

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About Get Fit NH

Here’s the bottom line: you want to feel and LOOK great! There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You see, most of us know we need to eat well and exercise to prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke and a myriad of other highly preventable diseases. But do those things REALLY motivate us to get out of bed in the morning? However when we think about heading to the beach, fitting into that dress, or looking like we did when we were twenty, THAT gets the fires burning! And you know what, that’s OK, because when you train to make the outside look good, the inside gets better too!

After all, the same training that lowers body fat and increases lean muscle mass, helping you achieve that tight, athletic look can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, help regulate blood sugar and a whole host of other health benefits. In other words, by getting what you want you also get what you need!

Get Fit NH is not a gym. We don’t sell “memberships”. When you choose to train here, you are hiring a team of highly skilled and dedicated coaches determined to help you lose fat, get stronger and look and feel great. It’s what we want for ourselves and it is what we want for you.

The Get Fit NH Training System

It’s no secret that there are TONS of ways that people are trying out to get fit. From systems that claim you can get in shape in only 4 minutes a day to spending 2 hours a day on the treadmill, we have seen it all. We have developed a system that cuts through the garbage, based on sound scientific principles AND real world results.


To get you where you want to go, we need to see where you are now, so we can develop a starting point and a path for getting you better. We want you to be confident in what you are doing is first and foremost not going to hurt you. We use the Functional Movement Screen to take a look at balance, symmetry and to identify any movement that causes pain. Once we get that information we can customize your program for your maximum benefit and results.

Don’t overlook the importance of this! When you move better you can train harder and get better quicker, and that’s what it’s all about.

Every day brings something new, but within a system designed to train you in a comprehensive manner. Below is a “typical” days training format:

I. Movement & Mobility – This portion of the training consists of exercises designed to warmup your body for the training to follow. This training may include activation exercises for underused muscle groups and movement preparation exercises designed to dynamically increase joint mobility as well as muscle flexibility.

II. Primary Training – This section of your workout is designed to build lean muscle tissue and mobilize fat using total body resistance exercise. The workouts and exercises are changed regularly to keep your training fresh, motivating and fun.

III. The Finisher – High Intensity Intervals are used to further mobilize fat and train your cardiovascular system. This type of training has been shown to be THE most effective cardio in order to preserve muscle and burn fat!

IV. Injury Prevention – We spend quality time every day working on soft tissue and flexibility. Prevention of both acute and long-term injury is key to not only being able to train, but in the ability to perform exercises correctly and with good form.

Every Friday we make sure you finish the week excited about what you have accomplished, and ready to attack the next week even harder. Fridays feature fun workouts designed to build camaraderie and strengthen the new friendships you have made. We have a blast with challenges, team games and spirited competition!

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For your convenience we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and answer below:

What kind of exercise will I be doing?

At Get Fit NH we the big picture is summed up in two words – Strength and Speed.

Now that doesn’t mean you are going to bulk up like a bodybuilder or run a bunch of wind sprints. But here is why we focus on these two, and why you should too.

We want to be as strong as we can be, pound for pound. A strong body is built to handle the everyday demands of life. When we build strength, we are building muscle, and muscle is the foundation of our metabolic machine. The more lean tissue we have, the more calories we burn and the easier it is to get and stay lean. Putting load through your body strengthens your bones, ligaments and tendons. Be stronger and live longer.

And the speed part? At Get Fit NH our philosophy is that we don’t get slow and lose power because we get old, we get old because we let ourselves get slow and don’t train power. The ability to activate our central nervous system and turn things on and off fast is the key to longevity in our abilities and performance. We can train speed in a ton of different ways that are appropriate for any age. The bonus is that this kind of metabolic training is a ton of fun.

The human body performs a wide variety of movement activities, including walking, running, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, climbing and lunging. You can expect a wide variety of strength, metabolic (speed), and flexibility training designed to train your body to perform at its best. You will be challenged, but never asked to do more than you can safely do. You may be surprised at what you are capable of doing! We all work together, and NOBODY gets left behind!

Who comes to Get Fit NH?

Get Fit NH is designed for people who are committed to getting fit and healthy. In other words, people just like you! People who attend Get Fit NH enjoy being in a fun, supportive environment, working together to reach their fitness goals. People who come to Get Fit NH look forward to seeing each other and facing new challenges together.

We encourage people of all ages*, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to come and be the best that they can be. Even if you regularly work out, we guarantee Get Fit NH will challenge you in new ways, and help you achieve results beyond your regular routine.

*Participants under 18 must have parental consent and a fitness evaluation to determine readiness.

Will I be sore?

Most people will experience soreness, especially in the first few days. This is normal as your body adapts to a new activity, and lets you know you’ve been doing something! Once you are used to exercising regularly, your soreness will decrease.

What kind of results can I expect?

You will increase your strength, boost your energy, and increase your overall fitness. Your ability to handle stress and relax will increase, and your self-confidence will be through the roof! You will be well on your way to having the lean body you’ve always wanted. Remember, your results depend on your effort, so you need to show up every day and give 100% to your coach, your Get Fit NH team mates, but most importantly, to yourself!

What do I need to bring to training?

For clothing we recommend dressing in layers; even if it is a bit cold you will get warm quickly! Good training shoes are a necessity. You will also need to bring enough water daily to keep yourself hydrated, as well as a yoga mat. Two other critical items are the desire to succeed and a positive attitude!

When do we meet?

Get Fit NH meets every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for one hour.  Click for current class schedule.

Where does Get Fit NH meet?

We have locations in Concord and Epsom. Click For Locations

How much does Get Fit NH cost?

The first 2 weeks don’t cost you a thing! After that, our “Fit For Life” UNLIMITED package is only about $10 per class! For best results training 4x a week is the way to go. However, if budget or time is an issue, we also offer packages of 2x per week.

Please visit our Training Packages page for complete details.

Do you have a refund policy?

We can only give you a credit toward another 4-week session if you are unable to attend or continue due to circumstances beyond your control. Any credit given is non-transferable to other services. There is no cash refund.

Further Questions?

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