Get Fit NH Referral Rewards

bonniepatAt Get Fit NH, we appreciate you telling your friends and family about our fat blasting, energetic, fun, and never boring workouts.

In fact you might have found out about Get Fit NH from a friend, family member or acquaintance who told you how great our training program makes them look and feel, and how much they loved coming. Many of our happy clients have mentioned that their friends, family and co-workers have expressed interest in improving their health and fitness.

Now please understand, we don’t think you owe us a thing, but we do our best to earn your referral by giving you our best every day to make sure you are thrilled with your training. When we do that, we would really appreciate it if you would tell someone else how we have truly delivered for you.

We demonstrate our appreciation in a tangible way – with our Get Fit NH Referral Rewards program.

If you haven’t already picked up some of these nifty Referral Rewards cards, I would encourage you to get your hands on a few ASAP!

Here’s how “The Program” works:

Put your name on these cards and share them with people you know would love to experience Get Fit NH for themselves. Tell them to take advantage of our free, no obligation 2-week trial.  When they fall in love with the program and sign up as a member, they receive $50 off their first months membership and you get a crisp $50 bill for your efforts!

We love handing out “50’s”, and by the looks of these pictures, our members are pretty ok with it too!

Thank-you for choosing to train with us!