Professional Coach Wanted

If You Have A Great Attitude, A Passion for Learning New Things, and a Few Coaching Skills, I Have a Fun and Fulfilling Job Just for You!

From  Dean Carlson, Owner 

Dear Prospective Team Member, 

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site! You should have arrived here because you saw my employment posting. It’s my hope that you are exactly the person I am looking for so I can take this page down immediately and offer you the fun and rewarding job I have available.

So, let me tell you a little about our company and the job.

My name is Dean Carlson, and I run a Group Personal Training organization called Get Fit NH. Our facilities are located in Epsom and Concord

Our business is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals. Our group personal training is fun, team oriented, and is accountability and results driven.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, hardworking and energetic person to serve as a part-time assistant coach.

If you are hired for this job, the first 90 days on the job will be on a trial period. During this time period, you will be working early mornings and late afternoons, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Once you become permanent you will have the opportunity to gain experience and grow within the company.

Tasks We Need You to Perform

  • Making great first impressions: You will be the first point of contact for all prospective clients. Whether you are greeting someone at the door or answering or returning phone calls, you’ll be responsible for making sure prospects both get the information they need and feel at home from the moment they first interact with us.
  • Responding to customer service phone calls and emails: We get quite a few phone calls and email every day. I am very big on customer service. You will need to respond to each of these within 24 hours or next business day with basic information that we’ll provide to you while also providing a personal touch.
  • Filing: While not as exciting as interacting with people, keeping our business files organized will ensure our business runs smoothly

Prerequisite Skills and Attitude

These are the skills and the attitude you must already have in order to qualify for this position:

  • A  current Personal Training certification and CPR card: You must be committed to being an excellent coach, keep your certifications current and constantly be upgrading your skills.
  • A “Servant Hood” Mentality: You will be taking care of our clients and prospects. They are all VERY important, so you must be comfortable conversing on the phone, in person, and through email. You must be relentless in finding solutions for them. We’ll teach you the basics of what to say and do, but we can’t teach you how to have a great attitude and a strong desire to help people.
  • Desire to learn and grow: I’m serious about this! I want a person who is motivated to get better every day and who isn’t shy about suggesting ideas on how we can improve the business. I do not want a robot that simply follows a checklist, I want someone who learns and grows with our company.
  • Organized and Attentive to Detail: This is a must! You will need to catch the little things from scheduling, to wording, numbers, cleaning, etc.

How to Apply  

We’re looking to hire the right person as soon as possible. So if this job sounds good to you, follow these instructions precisely. Failure to follow these instructions will result in your resume going in the circular file. This is your first test, okay?

Here’s what I want from you

  • Write a resume that includes your education, ALL prior work experience (yes, I even want to know if you mowed lawns when you were 14), and any skills you have.
  • Write me a 100-200 word (we will count) cover letter explaining why you are the perfect person to fill this position. Include full contact information (name, address, phone, email) on this cover letter.
  • On a separate sheet of paper list at least three references with phone numbers and what your relationship is with the references (i.e. – previous employer, college professor, etc).
  • Write me an additional hand-written note, 50 words maximum, re-iterating why you feel I should choose you for the job.
  • Put the cover letter on top of your resume and the reference sheet underneath your resume, staple together in the top left corner. Add your hand-written note on top.
  • Mail to: 287 South Main St. Concord, NH 03301
  • Complete and submit form at the bottom of this page so that we can match it up when we receive your resume.

Next Steps

If you followed the instructions properly, we will review your application. If we feel you’re a good prospect, we’ll call or email you to set up a personal interview. If we feel you aren’t qualified, we’ll send you a courtesy email to thank you for your time. If you do not hear from us at all, it means you did not follow the instructions properly.

The sooner we get your application, the better. This will not be a long, drawn out process. I believe in taking action quickly. So get your application in pronto! I look forward to reviewing it and hopefully meeting you personally.

Again, thanks very much for your interest.

Make It Happen!

P.S.  – This is not a corporate type of structure job.  I am an entrepreneurial small business owner.  I move quickly to capitalize on opportunities.  This is not the type of job where just showing up is enough.  Get Fit NH is everything to me.  If you perform, you will be rewarded.  I want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and contributing to the growth of the business.  I recognize and reward performance!

With all that said, enthusiasm and a positive attitude go long way in my book.  I’m a very positive, upbeat person and appreciate those qualities in others.  As long as you have the basic skills I mentioned,and a great attitude, you’re definitely a candidate!  So send us your resume today!

DO NOT fill out this form without reading the entire letter above!