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Shine Shine Shine! – Student Spotlight

08 September

Jill and Kim


Last week in our Student Spotlight, we began our two week feature of inspirational women who have continued to train at Get Fit NH throughout their pregnancies. This week’s Student Spotlight is shining on Jill E. and Kim L. Both women have continued working hard and being healthy through their pregnancies and have written about their experiences.

Jill tells us about her top five reasons for continuing to train with her Get Fit Family throughout her pregnancy:

1. If it’s good for me, it must be good for the baby – This one is a no brainer. Obviously anything that is helping mommy stay fit and happy and strong will be good for the baby.

2. I will not let 4 ½ years of training go down the toilet – This is my second pregnancy and I have trained through both so far. Part of my reason for joining the Get Fit Family was to lose weight and get in shape to have kids. I will not let all of that hard work go to waste! Nor do I want to lose my Get Fit Family!

3. Support, support, support – Super Mom/Trainer Nancy understands when you break out in tears for no reason, and doesn’t hold it against you (Sorry Nancy!). She listens to everything and helps me remember that I am changing and can’t do everything I could do before! Coming to this realization was a lot harder with my first pregnancy. What do you mean I can’t hold a plank for 20 seconds anymore without wanting to pass out? I used to be able to hold one for well over a minute. Well, your body is increasing blood cells and blood flow and doing even more amazing things without you even knowing it, so deal. What do you mean I want to throw up in a pushup hold, or mountain climbers, or renegade rows? Hello heartburn! Let’s do those off the bench so your head is elevated. What do you mean my hips are moving (to prep for birth) and my SI joints are completely out of whack and everything hurts? Well, it’s time to avoid all those exercises that create discomfort for the SI joint, focus on stretching and strengthening your core. That last one has been especially frustrating with my current pregnancy, but Nancy has been wonderful at making sure I am not in any discomfort or pain during training and modifying exercises (and making sure I am not going to burst into tears again).

4. Cool technology – This pregnancy I am hooked up to a heart monitor during training. This may be the most interesting part because I am really able to control my intensity and workouts all while keeping my heart rate in check. Who knew band hammer curls could get your heart racing so fast! I like that I am able to control when I need to increase my intensity (quit being a baby, or ‘suck it up’ as Dean says) and when I need to take a breather.

5. Astonishing people – Some people are shocked when I tell them I train 3-4 nights a week while pregnant – my parents’ and grandparents’ generation especially. But I love being able to explain that training isn’t just for me. The lowering and raising of the heart rate when training resembles labor. I am not the only one who has to go through it, this baby has to prepare too! I had a C-section with the first pregnancy (my daughter was breech), so there was no labor involved, but there was a heck of a recovery afterward! Without having the core and the arm strength I’d built up previously, I am guessing that recovery would have sucked a whole lot more! It’s too early to tell with Baby Boy Edelmann what type of delivery I will have, but they are telling me he is going to be big and tall. Have you met my husband…eek! So the way I see it, the more prepared I am while he is still in the womb, the better!

 Jill and Karl, along with the rest of us, are waiting to meet their newest family member!


Our next mom Kim explains how training with Get Fit NH has helped her through her pregnancy and in preparing for giving birth:

It gets increasingly hard to find the motivation to get to class but the payoff gets so much greater! I could be having the worst day – tired, grumpy, and not feeling well – but after class all of those feelings and emotions would be gone. Physically, I have had an incredibly easy pregnancy and I do not attribute that to luck. I attribute it to the fact that I have never really stopped moving. I refused to give up and chose instead to be tough. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but so far it has worked! (Although I can’t lie, I’ve had days where I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry, but we can blame that on hormones).

I am really curious to see how my recovery from childbirth will be and even more curious to see how I handle childbirth itself with our mottos from class running through my head – “Get comfortable being uncomfortable!”, “You can do anything for 15, 20, 30, 40 seconds!”, and “Last set is the best set!”.

Little Maggie was born in August. Congratulations, Kim!

Training when it is just yourself is difficult – we should all get a high five each day for making it happen. But when you are training while experiencing morning sickness or feeling uncomfortable at nine months pregnant, you deserve a second high five! Katie introduced us to Little Jonathon this past January and later this year Amanda is expecting her second child. Congratulations to Carolyn, Jill, Kim, Katie, and Amanda and everyone else in the Get Fit Family for working so hard!

And the Student Spotlight Goes to…..

21 July

Patti Johnson!

Patti has been training with us for about a year and half and has made some incredible progress. One of the great things I love about Patti is her drive and motivation to achieve her goals. Here are some of the fantastic goals she has met since training with us:


  • Tested out of her red functional movement screen band
  • She absolutely rocks solid push-ups all the way to a tennis ball
  • Conquers the chin bar with her jumping OVERHAND chins- let me go further and give her extra props for staying after almost every single day to work on her chin ups. Now she absolutely destroys the chin bar and she STILL stays after to work on getting even better!
  • Tested out of her white functional movement screen band

These are only a handful of her achievements. Patti is dedicated to her goals and she is dedicated to herself.  I am so proud to be Patti’s coach. Here is what she has to say about her Get Fit NH experience so far.

When I first came to Get Fit NH I was simply pursuing a healthier lifestyle, but honestly I had no “fitness goals.” As I trained I became aware of my deficits through FMS then I decided to work towards getting out of my bands. As I became stronger I realized that I was in the best shape of my life. I think it was hard to have goals at first because I was unaware how “fit” I could be. Somewhere along the line I nixed my life long sugar addiction and during detox I said goodbye to coffee … I am still astounded when I peer into my fridge and see so many veggies staring at me … Nutritionally my diet is the complete opposite of what it was when I came to Get Fit … Now I eat like a weirdo :)
I stay at Get Fit because I cannot imagine training anywhere else. I feel like it is a big extended family whose support surrounds you and encourages you to be your best self on more than a physical level. The Get Fit family is a friendly, caring, encouraging, positive group that exemplifies excellence and integrity from the coaches to the clients. I cannot say enough about the coaches; challenging, encouraging and gently (mostly) pushing me to do things that only I doubt I can do. Their belief in me has really allowed me to see my potential and then train to reach it I have ditched both bands, can hold my own during chin variation training and am working on increasing the amount of push-ups I can complete. I am definitely in the best shape of my life and living the healthiest lifestyle all thanks to Get Fit NH.

Thank you


Patti has earned her results. She has been faithful to training and has made the necessary changes in her nutrition to meet her goals. I am so proud to be her coach!

Keep making it happen!

Coach Meagan

P.S.: If you have a win to celebrate please share it with us!

Who is in the spotlight this week?

09 July

Hi All,

Coach Meagan here. I have new and exciting news! For the next few weeks I am going to be putting some of you in the “spotlight”.  I hope you have already noticed, but in case you haven’t, at Get Fit NH we really pride ourselves on being a family. In our family we believe it is crucial to celebrate each other when they achieve something great. Which is why over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing some “Win Stories.”

Starting with The Bucknam’s!

The Bucknam’s have been apart of the Get Fit NH family for over two years. I have had the joy of not only watching their bodies change drastically, but also watch their training ability sky rocket. I am so proud to coach this family. The Bucknam family is the perfect example of how having a solid support system impacts great success.

Check out this note Linda wrote last week:


I wanted to let you know that I thought today’s class was great and so glad to be back after our recovery week.

On another note,

I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing coach and motivator.  I had some doctor’s appointments over recovery and I am happy to say that I have lost weight, cholesterol is down 32 points, my sugar levels are great (I worry about these since my Mom is a diabetic) and all my other ultrasound and other tests came back negative.  My doctor was really happy with everything. I told him how I have been going to boot camp 4 days a week for 2 years now. bucknams

If it was not for Get Fit NH and its wonderful and encouraging staff, I would still be going to Planet Fitness (boring) and not seeing any results.  But between the classes, detox, summer slim down challenges it makes things fun and easier to understand why I am doing what I do by attending classes at Get Fit NH.  I feel better, stronger and healthier.  I have also made some great friends at the gym.  I also love when I train with my husband and daughter.  I know that Lindsay wishes she could do it all year round but do to college and lacrosse it is impossible.  But I know once she graduates from college she will be joining me.  I also appreciate your support with Mark and his back issues and with trying to find ways to help him get better and stronger.

Thank you again for pushing me, you’re smiling face and energy.

See you on Thursday,


I am so proud of Mark, Linda, and Lindsay. This is a family that does not let anything get in the way of their goals. They consistently make it to training 4 days a week and they have results to show they’ve been making it happen on the training floor and in the kitchen. Great job guys!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

P.S.: If you have a win to celebrate please share it with us!

Success Stories – Ronald Weilnau

01 April

Coaching a student like Ronald is a joy. I use the word “student” purposely, because Ronald’s results are directly tied into the fact he pays attention, makes sure he understands, and asks questions about both his training and nutrition. The results speak for themselves! – Coach Dean

‘Thank You, Get Fit NH’

I have fought being overweight since the summer of 1967. It was that summer, when I was 10 years old, that I went from being an underweight child to an overweight child in less than three months. Until my first “Get Fit NH” training session on September 23, 2013, I never stepped into any gym to get help with losing weight or to get a leaner body. Due to my own past failures at controlling my weight and meeting my fitness goals, I had my doubts if I would last the first week let alone join. However, thanks to what I found that during that first week I knew I could continue. Therefore, I owe thanks to many people for my successful start towards a healthier lifestyle.

‘Thank you’, Coach Dean and Coach Nancy for starting ‘Get Fit NH’. Also thank you for developing each training session plus the challenges and workshops that you put together to teach us about developing a healthy lifestyle.

‘Thank you’, Coach Erin, Coach Megan and Coach Sarah for choosing to coach at ‘Get Fit NH’ and for the time you give to answer my questions and to training me. I look forward to many more training sessions.

‘Thank you’ to the fellow clients for you are a big part of ‘Get Fit NH’ and you showed me that I can do this. Thank you for the encouragement and praise that you have provided whether it was knowingly or unknowingly given.

‘Thank you’ to my wife for joining ‘Get Fit NH’ three years ago and never pressuring me to join. ‘Thank you’ for waiting until I was ‘Ready to Do It’. Also thank you for helping me to start eating the ‘PPW’ way.

The picture below shows the results of my first 6 months at ‘Get Fit NH’. The results truly surprised me, as I did not expect to meet my first targeted weight loss goal until the end of June 2014. I past that goal and got to a weight that I have not seen in 35 years. With the next training session, I will be working on a new goal of some additional weight loss and more muscle gain.

When I am asked how I did it, I reply that it is a lifestyle change that I have embraced that included a major change in my diet and more exercise than I have ever done before. However, I like what someone else said one night after training when I was asked, he stated it simply as: ‘He was ready.’

I am ready to continue….

Thank you again,

Ronald Weilnau

Hold Yourself Accountable

10 March

pattiThink about the first time you walked through the doors of Get Fit NH. When you came to us maybe you came with a goal to lose weight, feel better, look better, manage stress, or get strong. I want you to think about a few things:

  • When is the last time you have assessed your goals?
  • Have you set specific outcome goals for yourself?
  • And if so, have you determined your behavior goals?

If you never write down your goals and develop a plan to make them happen you will not see results.  I may have a goal to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks, but how am I going to get there? Can I just train 4 times per week then eat McDonalds on the way home from the gym? No.

  • Outcome goal: I want to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks.
  • Behavior goals:
    • Train 4X per week for 4 weeks
    • Train as hard as I am able. Do each progression that I am able to do.
    • Turn in a weekly meal plan to my coach
    • Turn in a weekly food log to my coach
    • Email/Text pictures of my meals to my coach
    • Follow P.P.W.

Making your goals public is motivation to get it done. That’s why success sessions are so important. Your coaches know your ability and can push you when you need it on the training floor. If you have not had a success session with your coach, it’s time to set one up.

Just ask Patti Johnson from Concord 5 AM.

  • Patti’s outcome goal: 6 Jumping pull ups in a row
  • Behavior goals:
    • Do chirpees overhand grip whenever the opportunity arises.
    • Negative pull ups
    • Band assisted pull ups
    • Avoid underhand grip (chin ups)

Patti declared her goals and I held her accountable. Every time I went over the chin bar Patti had that overhand grip and powered through every second. That grip is a lot harder and she knew it, but because we both knew that she had set a goal for herself she followed through.

And guess what? Patti can easily do 6+ jumping chins and 3 in a row from a dead hang.

Talk to your coach today about setting up your success session. Don’t wait to make your goals public knowledge.

Be accountable.

Make it happen,

Coach Meagan

21-Day Detox Challenge – You Done Good!

22 February

21_day_coverWe can’t express adequately how excited we are to see, hear and read the amazing results from the 21-Day Detox Challenge. Pounds melting away, clothes fitting looser, and people just feeling great.

That was worth 21 days of effort, wouldn’t you say?

Before we announce the winners, I just wanted to give some highlights of what a few of you had to say about your experience eating the “21-Day Detox Way”. We are not claiming this is a miracle or the answer to all your nutrition and health problems, but based on these comments it sure made an impact for some people, and we are glad it did.

“My husband Paul and I participated in the 21 day detox and LOVED IT! I believe I already let you know how life-changing it’s been, We are still following it perfectly with no urges or cravings to reintroduce anything at this time. I received a call from my Lupus/rheumatoid doc and had to share the news with you. My inflammation markers in my labs, ALL of them, have not been this low since 2004!” – Mary C.

“Better sleep, clothes def fit better. Really enjoyed eating more veggies and just generally felt “cleaner” in eating…also, facial skin tone really improved and cellulite looks less…maybe my imagination, but it looks that way to me.  Hair also seems a little more healthy.” – Susan L.

“I became very mellow and experienced better sleep and more energy.  Workouts were better and clothes got a bit looser.  (I think I lost 10 pounds!)  The food was good and I even got my husband to eat dinners that I prepared.  I learned a lot about the foods I hadn’t eaten before – mostly the non-sugar condiments and the non-gluten flours, etc.  Although I’ve had celiac disease for several years, I wasn’t experimenting with the alternative flours and oils, so that was very helpful.” – Maura C.

“Lost 10 lbs. I see increased muscle definition. Slept well & had good energy. Found out I love green tea! 3-1/2 weeks later & don’t miss the coffee.” – Dennis M.

And these are just a few of dozens of great “Detox Reflections”. If you have not sent yours in yet we would love to hear it!

Hang in there and keep reading, the winners will be announced soon (no cheating by scrolling down).

I know we said weight loss on this plan was a happy side effect, but it was a pretty BIG side effect.

We had 149 people that weighed in at both the beginning and end of the challenge.

Those 149 amazing people lost 1083.6 pounds, for an average of 7.27 pounds each…that is over half a ton!

Not bad for 21 days work, eh? :)

To remind you we are awarding 2 prize packages.

  • Total Pounds Lost
  • Highest Percentage of Weigh Lost

Once again we want to thank our sponsors:

  • Diane Bottcher from Ahhscentials: All natural body and skin care selections.
  • Christen Scanlon from Peace & Balance Body Therapies: 60 minute massage, Signature facial and scalp treatment
  • Sonia Cormier from Thirty-One: One Thermal Tote and One Deluxe Duffel

So with no further adieu…

The winners are…

With a Total Pounds lost of  19.6 – Sue Brouillet

and with a Total Percentage lost of 8.19% – Peggy Crisman

Just an incredible job by these two ladies! Please congratulate them when you see them.

And here’s something else to think about.

Over the last 21 Days.

  • Did you learn something?
  • Did you try something new?
  • Did you discover something about yourself?
  • Did you start to believe that looking and feeling great is possible?

If any of those things are true, and I am confident they are, then you need to be congratulated on a win too. It’s about getting a little better, every day, and that’s what you did.

We appreciate you all for working so hard to make yourself better. At Get Fit NH we are committed to helping you keep the momentum going, so stay tuned – there is more coming!

Keep Making It Happen.

The Get Fit NH Health Team



On My Way: How I Lost 50 Pounds in 7 Months

27 January

A few notes from Coach Nancy – Cara put this out on Facebook. She is daily putting herself out there. She is journaling in public. While some of you may not want to put it out for all to see, Cara’s been accountable to many because many people ‘see’ her posts and they will ‘see’ if it is making a difference. Did you notice the first line of what Cara wrote “A few of my friends”, I bet many more are watching Cara to see if she is going to make her goal.

Cara also uses another powerful tool to help her, she puts visuals around her house. Her before pictures are near or on her fridge and on her bathroom mirror are sticky notes with the number of pounds she has left until she reaches her goal. Cara has goals and like her journaling she is not the only one who knows her goals. She daily does what it takes to make her longer term goal a reality.

Since she posted this, she has peeled two more sticky notes off that mirror. Keep making it happen, Cara!


January 16, 2014 at 8:06am

A few friends have asked me to write about how I have had some success in losing weight:

My journey with weight loss began when I saw pictures of myself last spring, 2013. I no longer recognized myself. At my highest weight ever.  Who had I become? My big struggle set in after a medical crisis I had experienced 9 years ago. I survived , but was left no muscle and it turns out you kind of need muscle to burn fat. Add another problem. 4 years ago I took a job, involving 4 hours a day in the car, and very little time for exercise. I ate whatever, whenever, and my body paid the price. I gained 40 pounds in 3 years, on top of old weight, that crept on after having 3 children, etc. Add another stressor: becoming the sole guardian and repsonsible for the all the  care and decision making for a parent. Recipe for a health disaster.

Going back, as a child I was athletic, I swam, skiid, ran, rode horses, biked, hiked, you name it we were outside, and in the mountains almost every weekend. In my 20’s and 30’s I went to the gym quite a bit, and maintained, and was able to lose weight after having the first 2 kids. However, there pieces of habits that were not good. I never learned what a portion was growing up, it was a huge plate of food always. Dessert was a habit in my family. Body image issues were also in my family. I didn’t have all the tools I needed.

So in April 2013,  I knew I had to start something I could handle and build some stamina, so when I was ready for the next step I would have some strength. I started walking. It hurt. My feet, ankles and back hurt.

I did it anyway. I levelled out at walking about 3.5 miles a day, and did that at least 5 times a week. I felt a lot better. I lost about 15 pounds from April to July. I started to work on portion size in this time. I removed fast food, soda, and desserts ( with a few exeptions now and then). I focused each month, on taking one type of poor choice out. So things were going well, but I knew I really wanted a BIG change. I wanted to change my body for real.

I started searching around. I had tried a beautiful gym the year before, but I never connected to the programs there, and never got any help. It was a waste of money and too far away. And frankly their coaches sucked and should not be called coaches. They cancelled my first training session. I did spend some time in the pool their with my daughter. But I actually gained more weight in that time frame.

So then I stumbled on Get Fit NH, a bootcamp training program. It was about 15 minutes away and I read online a lot of positive things. I didn’t call, I just decided to show up and take  a look. I had seen the transformation pictures and was inspired. I went and it was different than anything I had seen or done before. No treadmills, no bikes, no tv’s , no mirrors. The program is a group training session with individual coaching as well. We do very short intervals of challenges exercises using weights, bands, and our own bodies to create resistance. It’s a mixture of cardio and weight training, that blasts fat off like no other program. The workout is different every single day. Your body never gets used to it so you are always challenged. I lose weight every single week. I work hard when I am there. I train 3 days a week, for 1 hour. I started with 2 days a week. I was so sore I couldn’t even move across the bed at first. the next week was better. And better. Then I moved up to 3 days a week, and now I do some of the Saturday events which puts me at 4 days a week, when I can.

My coaches are amazing. They have so much knowledge and I have learned so much. The program focuses on turning us into fat fighting machines through building muscle, and we all work at our own levels. Somedays I’m sure I am the weakest link in that room and it doesn’t even matter because I am doing it, moving and making progress and everyone cheers you on.

I move more, on the days I am not training. I am now jogging, hiking ( even in the snow) and doing other things at home on my non training days.

My next step was to dive into the nutrition. Clearly I had never really learned what to eat, how, when, or why to lose weight. This program focuses on having us eat Protein, Produce and water at each meal. They give us a shopping list, recipes, menus. and yes we eat that for breakfast too. My coach Nancy had me just focus on eating a PPW breakfast for 2 weeks in the beginning and I dropped 5 pounds.  If it is not protein, produce or water I don’t eat it. I allow myself 1 treat meal a week, but it has to be worth it and many times it isn’t.

I drink water, 100 ounces a day. Sometimes black tea, or green tea, and yes I do drink coffee but that is on it’s way out too. This is not easy but I have eliminated: pasta, all processed foods, potaotoes, candy, ice cream, desserts, and anything fried.  I was addicted to sugar, and carbs, period. Those foods, for me, do not allow weight loss.  I am not perfect, and my trainers help work with us during the holidays, etc with a plan. I lost 10 pounds during the holiday time frame.

Another note that may help some of you. And I’m here to bash other programs or those that folllow them. But here it is. I tried Weight Watchers 3 times. First time with success. The next 2 I actually gained weight. And here is why. Those programs have you counting and saving points and somehow making you think you have saved enough to eat that sundae. But in the end, that food doesn’t serve me and doesn’t allow my body weight loss. It kept me trapped in the sugar cycle. I needed to get off that wheel, which always led me back to eating the wrong foods. Here is the second reason that program did not work. I was always always STARVING.

Now off from sugar, carbs, etc….I am FULL when I eat PPW and NOT hungry, and have almost no cravings.

Excuses? I was the queen of all of them. Time? At times I have the job of 2 people in my work. I still travel. We have 2 girls who dance 5 times a week. I have high demands at my work, and at home.

Money? I know, I may step on some toes here. But I wish someone had stepped on mine years ago.  I am going to ask you now, what you spend on drive through, soda, beer, fast food, pizza, take out, cigarettes, and your copays for medications for high blood pressure, diabeters,  or high cholesterol. What does that add up to? Imagine the health and the money you will have when you save on all of those. You can afford to go to the gym. Time? How much time to we all watch tv, or are we on facebook? The time is there.

Visuals: I keep sticky notes on my mirror that cheer myself on, and that state my short term goals of what, by when and why. Know your why and never let go of it, it is powerful and you are worth it. I have pictures up that insprire me.

My next goal is to lose another 14 pounds by mid March. Then on to another 20 off by the end of May.

My why’s : to be a great example to myself, my children and husband, so I can live a full, complete, long life and enjoy it all. I don’t want to be limited by my mind or body.

Forgive yourself for the past and pick yourself up and move today. Do something. Then do more tomorow. Get help. You are worth it!


The Get Fit NH Family Comes Through Again!

20 January

fofclogoYou deserve a great big THANK-YOU for opening your hearts (and wallets and purses) and helping your friends, neighbors and community by coming out in force for our fundraiser for Friends of Forgotten Children last Saturday morning.

Over 70 of our clients, friends and family came together and flung some sweat, and in the process raised $1015.00 for this worthy cause – wow! You truly humbled your coaches and we are grateful for your kindness and proud of your effort.

Just a few shots of the fun we had. Can’t wait ’til the next one!


Success Story from Doreen M.

03 January

Doreen M in blueWe love hearing about the Get Fit NH family has reached goals, living life out loud and being better. Being physically fit just makes every other facet of life just a bit easier. Notes like this one from Doreen make our world go round! :)

Thank you Get Fit!

This past October, I have earned my 2 Years Strong shirt. I have been wanting to write this for a while but never knew quite what to say. The best way to start is to say thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for believing in me even when I had shoulder surgery last November. I think that is when I realized I wanted to make a change with my life.  I soon started this change, but this was not easy to do. Although it was hard, I am proud to say I have made it through the year.

This was possible with the help of coach Nancy (the best coach ever) along the way. Also, my 9 a.m. ladies have made a difference and are happily now a part of my life. I had to work hard to get here, where I am now. I am also happy to say I have met my huge and personal goal of losing a total of 50 pounds.

But with losing that weight I have gained so much more. I have became a better person, mom, wife, and friend. These little, but life changing accomplishments have had a great impact on my life, as well as my entire family’s. So, as one amazing, but hard, year is passing, I am looking forward to another great year ahead of me. The only goal I am setting for myself is to make each day better. Again, I say thank you for everything you have done to make my life better.




What else does Jayne do?

30 December

Not always in killer shape – Jayne Circa 2011. (Don’t kill me Jayne, the after is worth showing the before!)

As we head into the New Year everyone seems to have resolutions on their mind. And while I am not a big fan of resolutions (which have a 92% failure rate) I am a big fan of evaluating where I am at and where I want to get to, and the turning of the calendar is a good time to take the time to set some goals. Often time that means looking at what successful people in a particular area have done or are doing , and model what they have done to get there. That could be in many areas of my life. For instance for our business I might take a look at what a company known for great customer service does (Zappos for example) and see how we can better serve our clients by adopting those practices. Make sense? In the same way if I want to get in great shape I would find out what someone does who is in great shape and do what they do.

Which brings me to Jayne. Those of you who train in Concord most likely know who Jayne is. I cannot tell you the number of people who have asked our coaches “What does Jayne do besides train at Get Fit NH?”, and the hard work she has put in is very deserving of such a question. Rather than put words in her mouth, I asked her to tell you herself. So here goes:

DC: “Jayne, what do you do to get in shape besides train at Get Fit NH?”

JM: “Honestly, very little.  I enjoy running and indoor rock climbing with the kids, but my weight and body fat percentage do not seem to go up or down because of those activities.  If I go a week without running, my weight and body fat tend to stay about the same.  If I go a week without training at Get Fit NH, well that is entirely different!

There are two things that made the difference for me:   Choosing to train hard and eat right (most of the time!).

Just about two years ago, I joined FLAG and lost 20 pounds in about 20 weeks.  I’ve kept the weight off thanks to Nancy’s guidance and making PPW eating a way of life, not a diet.   At about that same time I decided that if I was going to train four days a week, then I was going to work hard and not just “show up” like I had been the previous year.  When you, Erin or Meagan suggest we pick up heavy weights, go for speed,  finish strong, etc. I do it.  Pretty simple, but it works for me!”

Are you disappointed? No magic pills, potions, 4 hour cardio sessions and starvation diets?

I would suggest that rather than disappointment you should be thrilled, because as Jayne has told me many times, if she can do it you can do it.

Do what exactly?

Train Hard.
Eat Right.
Be Consistent.
Finish Strong.

Sounds like a pretty good plan for 2014, wouldn’t you say?

Now Make It Happen!

Coach Dean