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Expectant Moms Exercising Their Right to a Healthy Pregnancy

30 September



Get Fit NH_cvProper care and fitness coaching can lead to easier deliveries and quicker recovery

Sep. 30, 2014 – CONCORD, N.H. — At Get Fit NH, Dean and Nancy Carlson encourage their clients to make training a habit and to integrate it fully into their lives, and their clients have done so. There is no better evidence of this than the fact that in the past year, five Get Fit NH clients, Carolyn, Jill, Kim, Amanda, and Katie, have continued to train throughout their pregnancies. None of these women considered for a moment stopping their training because they were pregnant. As Jill put it, “Part of my reason for joining the Get Fit Family was to lose weight and get in shape to have kids.  I will not let 4 1/2 years of hard work go to waste!”

People might be shocked to hear that these women train 3-4 times a week while pregnant. While they are certainly dedicated, they are also smart.  They know that anything that helps mommy stay strong, fit, and healthy is also good for the baby. The lowering and raising of the heart rate when training resembles labor. A woman with a strong healthy body can have an easier delivery and recovery than those who choose not to exercise.

Herself a mother of 6, Coach Nancy understands that energy levels and a body’s readiness to train can change frequently, especially when pregnant. The women all credit Nancy’s care and dedication for allowing them to continue training throughout their pregnancies.  “This pregnancy I am hooked up to a heart monitor during training.  This may be the most interesting part because I am really able to control my intensity and workouts all while keeping my heart rate in check.”, says Jill. Nancy also  monitors them closely, checking in with them frequently. Each lady is required to subtly check in throughout training and encouraged to respond with at least five words so Nancy can gauge how they are doing. She will quickly and discreetly modify exercises if the women are experiencing any discomfort.

Carolyn S. described her experience. “During my first trimester, I was able to participate in all of the exercises although there would be days where I felt so tired that I appreciated being able to choose a modified version of the exercise.  I felt like I had plenty of energy during my second trimester.  On certain days when I was uncomfortable, Nancy quickly came up with another option for me to do that would allow me to continue training.”

Perhaps most important, Nancy cares for her expecting clients’ current emotional state. As Jill puts it, “Nancy understands when you break out in tears for no reason, and doesn’t hold it against you.” She makes sure to remind them that their bodies are changing in multiple ways to prepare for childbirth, that they may not be able to do the same exercises that they could before and encourages them not to get frustrated.

Nancy sounds like a proud mother when she talks about her clients who train throughout pregnancy. “Training when it is just you is difficult. We should all get a high five each day for making it happen. But when you are training while feeling morning sickness, or uncomfortable at nine months pregnant you deserve a double high five!”

Get Fit NH has been named Best Gym in Southern NH five consecutive times from 2010 to 2014, and Coach Nancy has been recognized as the Best of the Best Trainer 3 times during those years. Call 344-2651 today and request your no obligation Success Session to see if Get Fit NH is right for you.

Capture Your Now

30 September

Over the weekend I spent a little bit of time packing up my house. As many of you know I sold my home and will be moving to Nashua very soon (not to worry- I am not leaving the Get Fit NH family. You can’t get rid of me that easy!) Anyways as I was packing I came across a binder my mother kept for me while I was in boot camp. She saved every single letter I wrote her all the way from day 1 through day 80. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that she saved these letters. It was funny (now) to relive some of those memories.

journalLetters/journals are funny like that. They capture the “now”. They capture exactly what you are feeling and how you are feeling and what is making you feel that way. As I read these letters I honestly revisited some of those emotions. At first all of the letters were sad filled with expressions like why did I do this, what was I thinking, I am going to fail, time is dragging, I don’t understand….then the next month the emotions eased up a little. Expressions like I am starting to understand, I really like _____, I need to work on ______, I killed it on _____ and then last month there were hardly any letters, but the ones that I did write were all positive filled with stories about what we did that day and what kind of events were coming up.

So what is the purpose of me sharing this with you?

This can be applied to any goal. My goal was to earn the title Marine.

Was it easy? Heck no!

Was it an emotional roller coaster? Absolutely

Did I learn a lot about myself? Yes


If I gave up then, I can assure you I wouldn’t be writing this today and you need to think about your life in the same way. Set a goal today and get excited to share your story. All of those emotions apply. At first it is hard- really hard- but it does get “easier.” By easier I mean you fall in to a routine. You know what works for you. You strive to get better because you know how far you’ve already come. Keep a journal if it helps. Capture the moments and look back on it. You’ll realize on those days that your feeling weak that it is not worth going back.


-Coach Meagan

Color Run 2014

17 September


On Saturday October 11th Get Fit NH is headed over to New Hampshire Motor Speedway to get colorful! The Color Run is coming to Loudon and we have a team ready for you to join, Our start time will be 10 AM.

We always have a great time when NHMS sponsors these events, and seeing as we are now the “Official Gym of New Hampshire Motor Speedway” we want to make our presence known!

. This is a great 5K for the entire family. You can walk it, run it, skip it…..whatever! Big kids and little kids – oh and adults too- can enjoy this event. Go in looking plain and come out with pzazz!

Here is the link to join our team. Please make sure you let us know you joined and we’ll give you the top secret meeting location ;-) Our team name is Get Fit NH!

-Coach Meagan

Racing to Fitness with New Hampshire Motor Speedway

15 September


NHMS_BlackAs many of you know we have been coaching the team up at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for over two years through our corporate onsite fitness coaching program. As a huge NASCAR fan it has been really cool to get to know the team at NHMS and learn a little more about how a major sports entity functions. I had been to Sprint Car races up there before we started working with them, but I had absolutely no idea how busy that place is and all the different things they do.

Did you know that from when the track opens in early spring until the snow flies there is something going on, on track, virtually every day? The Rusty Wallace experience lets you get in and drive, the Sprint drivers come in for testing, all levels of motorcycle racing and instruction, even bicycles are up there using the track. On the weekends are a number of racing series for “regular people” like the Legends and Bandolero cars, where all ages learn to drive, race, and have a blast. And all that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of you have gone up to the track and participated in the Renegade Playground, or the Color Vibe, or one of the many charity 5k’s they have hosted. These guys do a lot!

This weekend is the second race in the Chase for the Championship, which means the team at the track is working like crazy people to make sure the thousands of NASCAR fans coming in this week have the time of their lives. I cannot tell you how much respect I have for Jerry Gappens and the team he has working with him. We in New Hampshire should be very proud of NHMS and all they do for the community and the state. Not every track gets to be part of The Chase, and it is a testament to what they do here.  Growing up in this area I used to go with my dad to what was then Bryar Motorsports Park, and from those humble beginnings has risen one of the crown jewels of NASCAR, right here in little old NH!

But what I am REALLY pumped about announcing today is that Get Fit NH has partnered with NHMS and we are now the “Official Gym of New Hampshire Motor Speedway”.

How cool it that?!!!

We are absolutely thrilled to continue to bring our world class fitness coaching to this world class organization. I can always count on a smiling face and enthusiasm when we get down to the business of getting fit, and I count it a great privilege to be called “Coach” by this amazing group of people.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t visited NHMS lately, this is a great weekend to get on up there. I know that Jerry, Jen, David, Lisa, Kendra, Wendy, Tabitha, Jeff, Donna, Jessica, Kayla and the rest of the gang will be glad to see you.

Make It Happen,

P.S. Root for the 24!

Do You Want To Get Better?

15 September

Smart Group TrainingIs probably not as dumb a question as it sounds.

Because while everyone SAYS they want to get better, not all that many people DO with any consistency what it takes to get there.

Which brings me to the picture to your right. No, that is not the Dutch flag (upside down colors – I know) – that is my wrist after attending the Smart Group Training seminar this weekend. You got it, the old ball coach had the honor of being screened by the best of the best, and this is what I ended up with.

You know what? That’s perfect!

Because I want to get better, and I know that when I work on the correctives I received I will GET BETTER.

And I wasn’t alone. There were about 35 coaches that attended this seminar, and all but 4 of them ended up with MULTIPLE bands. These guys were really picky, which is a good thing.

But let me back up a bit for those of you unfamiliar with what these crazy bands are all about.

At Get Fit NH we are huge believers that the foundation of training is good quality movement. When you move well, you can train hard and get superior results. You try to train hard on top of movement dysfunction and you get one thing – HURT!

If you are coach reading this – STOP hurting people!

If you are reading this and you go to a coach hurting people, STOP doing that!

But back to the bands. We screen every client for movement quality and injury potential using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). If your movement quality isn’t quite up to par in a certain pattern, we want to FIX it before we load it. This is crucial to getting you the best results in the least amount of time. So if we screen you and we identify an issue, we use the SGT  bracelet system so we as your coaches and you as the student know exactly how you should train. Getting a bracelet doesn’t make you a bad person, we still love you! :) In fact we love you so much we are going to show you how to fix the problem so you don’t get hurt.

So I don’t look at my getting an extra band or two as a bad thing. These guys did me a huge favor by confirming some underlying movement challenges I have been experiencing and helping me get better. How can I not appreciate that?

These bands are crucial to my health and well being, and I am going to own that.

But don’t think I am not going to do the work necessary to get out of them.

What about you?

Does where you train care enough about your long term health to do the extra work necessary to train you appropriately, or do they just smash you hard regardless? It’s a question worth asking.

For those of you really smart people who already train with Get Fit NH :) wanna make a bet who gets out of their bands first?

Let’s Make It Happen Together!

Coach Dean

Get Fit NH Owners Named Finalist For Fitness Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

08 September



Dean and Nancy Carlson, Owners of Get Fit NH, distinguished in premier fitness business awards program.

September 5, 2014, Elizabethtown, KY. – Fit Business Insider, the fitness industry’s leading business coaching and development organization, announced today that Dean and Nancy Carlson, owners of Epsom and Concord personal training business, Get Fit NH, are finalists for the 2014 Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year Award which will be presented on September 27th at the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit in Louisville, KY.

Dean Carlson opened Get Fit NH in 2008. His vision was to bring an innovative personal training business to the Merrimack Valley area that integrated world class programming with an unmatched client experience that would help people enjoy reaching their fitness and performance goals.

“I’m honored to be a part of this inspiring group of fitness business owners,” said Carlson. “Fitness is more than simply delivering workouts, it’s about giving people a specific plan along with the motivation, inspiration and accountability to reach their personal goals. Our team takes great pride in our ability to positively impact people’s lives in the capital area and this recognition is a testament to that.”

The Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year Award is in it’s 4th year, recognizing fitness entrepreneurs who have built businesses that deliver extraordinary service and have a profound impact in their local communities.

13 finalists were selected from a pool of over 20,000 fitness business owners from around North America by a panel of expert judges.  Each finalist will make a final presentation to the judges at the Elite Fitness & Performance Summit prior to the 2014 Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year selection on September 27th.

The Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year is sponsored by Fit Business Insider in alignment with their continued commitment to helping fitness professionals build successful businesses and positively impact their local communities.

Fit Business Insider Co-Owner Pat Rigsby said that he was delighted to be recognizing the 13 finalists.

“These fitness entrepreneurs have built tremendously successful businesses positively impacting many lives in their local communities. Their achievements and their impact on their lives of the clients they serve are incredibly promising signs of what’s possible for personal training businesses and how we can help more people achieve their health and fitness goals,” Rigsby said.

For more information about Get Fit NH, please visit or call (603) 344-2651.

Shine Shine Shine! – Student Spotlight

08 September

Jill and Kim


Last week in our Student Spotlight, we began our two week feature of inspirational women who have continued to train at Get Fit NH throughout their pregnancies. This week’s Student Spotlight is shining on Jill E. and Kim L. Both women have continued working hard and being healthy through their pregnancies and have written about their experiences.

Jill tells us about her top five reasons for continuing to train with her Get Fit Family throughout her pregnancy:

1. If it’s good for me, it must be good for the baby – This one is a no brainer. Obviously anything that is helping mommy stay fit and happy and strong will be good for the baby.

2. I will not let 4 ½ years of training go down the toilet – This is my second pregnancy and I have trained through both so far. Part of my reason for joining the Get Fit Family was to lose weight and get in shape to have kids. I will not let all of that hard work go to waste! Nor do I want to lose my Get Fit Family!

3. Support, support, support – Super Mom/Trainer Nancy understands when you break out in tears for no reason, and doesn’t hold it against you (Sorry Nancy!). She listens to everything and helps me remember that I am changing and can’t do everything I could do before! Coming to this realization was a lot harder with my first pregnancy. What do you mean I can’t hold a plank for 20 seconds anymore without wanting to pass out? I used to be able to hold one for well over a minute. Well, your body is increasing blood cells and blood flow and doing even more amazing things without you even knowing it, so deal. What do you mean I want to throw up in a pushup hold, or mountain climbers, or renegade rows? Hello heartburn! Let’s do those off the bench so your head is elevated. What do you mean my hips are moving (to prep for birth) and my SI joints are completely out of whack and everything hurts? Well, it’s time to avoid all those exercises that create discomfort for the SI joint, focus on stretching and strengthening your core. That last one has been especially frustrating with my current pregnancy, but Nancy has been wonderful at making sure I am not in any discomfort or pain during training and modifying exercises (and making sure I am not going to burst into tears again).

4. Cool technology – This pregnancy I am hooked up to a heart monitor during training. This may be the most interesting part because I am really able to control my intensity and workouts all while keeping my heart rate in check. Who knew band hammer curls could get your heart racing so fast! I like that I am able to control when I need to increase my intensity (quit being a baby, or ‘suck it up’ as Dean says) and when I need to take a breather.

5. Astonishing people – Some people are shocked when I tell them I train 3-4 nights a week while pregnant – my parents’ and grandparents’ generation especially. But I love being able to explain that training isn’t just for me. The lowering and raising of the heart rate when training resembles labor. I am not the only one who has to go through it, this baby has to prepare too! I had a C-section with the first pregnancy (my daughter was breech), so there was no labor involved, but there was a heck of a recovery afterward! Without having the core and the arm strength I’d built up previously, I am guessing that recovery would have sucked a whole lot more! It’s too early to tell with Baby Boy Edelmann what type of delivery I will have, but they are telling me he is going to be big and tall. Have you met my husband…eek! So the way I see it, the more prepared I am while he is still in the womb, the better!

 Jill and Karl, along with the rest of us, are waiting to meet their newest family member!


Our next mom Kim explains how training with Get Fit NH has helped her through her pregnancy and in preparing for giving birth:

It gets increasingly hard to find the motivation to get to class but the payoff gets so much greater! I could be having the worst day – tired, grumpy, and not feeling well – but after class all of those feelings and emotions would be gone. Physically, I have had an incredibly easy pregnancy and I do not attribute that to luck. I attribute it to the fact that I have never really stopped moving. I refused to give up and chose instead to be tough. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but so far it has worked! (Although I can’t lie, I’ve had days where I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry, but we can blame that on hormones).

I am really curious to see how my recovery from childbirth will be and even more curious to see how I handle childbirth itself with our mottos from class running through my head – “Get comfortable being uncomfortable!”, “You can do anything for 15, 20, 30, 40 seconds!”, and “Last set is the best set!”.

Little Maggie was born in August. Congratulations, Kim!

Training when it is just yourself is difficult – we should all get a high five each day for making it happen. But when you are training while experiencing morning sickness or feeling uncomfortable at nine months pregnant, you deserve a second high five! Katie introduced us to Little Jonathon this past January and later this year Amanda is expecting her second child. Congratulations to Carolyn, Jill, Kim, Katie, and Amanda and everyone else in the Get Fit Family for working so hard!

I Just Can’t Stay Away

05 September

I just ski ergknow you missed your coaches and their awesome jokes – rest assured we missed you too! In fact we missed you so much that we got together and came up with a great challenge for September and October. We know how much everyone adores the Ski Ergs, so we thought it would be a great challenge to Ski Erg 50,000 meters from now until the end of October!

Look, we are all looking to get better, right? And I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t get their rear-end kicked during Ski Erg sprints! So let’s get better together! You have from now to the end of October to Ski Erg 50,000 meters. You can break it up however you’d like. 100 meters here, 500 meters there, 1000 meters before training, 1000 meters after training…whatever works for you! But don’t wait until October 31st to start.

You track your meters on the white boards at Get Fit NH. Kathy N is already started this challenge. She is training for the Concept 2 Ski Erg World Cup. Join Kathy and make it happen.
If you hate the Ski Erg then this is your opportunity to defeat IT rather than it defeat YOU! If you love the ski erg then this your time to give it some extra love and attention all while getting better together!

You have until October 31st to SkiErg 50,000m and conquer the SkiErg Challenge and prep for the upcoming SkiErg World Sprints – Make It Happen!

Student Spotlight – Carolyn S. and Baby Gretchen

03 September


Coach Nancy here, excited to be sharing a new Student Spotlight Series! Usually our spotlight is a chance for one of Get Fit NH’s family members to shine, but over the next two weeks I have several to highlight. In fact, three people in particular have caught this coach’s eye. They have one commonality – they are all pregnant or have recently given birth. All of these women are inspiring individuals. Adding to their uniqueness is their continuation of their training while pregnant. It is inspiring and leaves the rest of us thinking, “If they can do this, I can too!”.

To start off our two weeks of spotlighting Get Fit NH’s inspiring pregnant women, we have Carolyn S. She has written about her experience training with Get Fit NH while being pregnant, here is her story:

Gretchen“Approximately three years ago, a friend introduced me to Get Fit NH… and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since. Before Get Fit NH, I felt limited to walking and hiking with my dog, which I still enjoy doing, but I was looking for a new way to challenge myself. I really wanted to be a part of a group because I was tired of feeling isolated and trying to adapt to a healthier lifestyle on my own. A couple years ago, I attended a workshop in Epsom on Pre/Post Natal training put on by Nancy, just to gather information. I knew before getting pregnant I wanted to be healthy and strong. I was also looking to get an idea of how training would change for me if or when I become pregnant.

Fast forward to today and not only do I train in the company of friends, but my family is training together, which is the best gift we ever could have gotten. My husband started training with Get Fit NH over a year ago; we started doing this together to be healthier for our “future” children. I remember Nancy saying at the Pre/Post Natal training that when the mother’s heart rate increases so does the baby’s. That stuck with me. I’m currently 38.5 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been able to train 3-4 times a week throughout my pregnancy because of the care and dedication of Nancy.

Nancy was one of the first people to know that my husband and I were expecting. From the beginning, we knew we were in good hands, but we wanted to make sure we were communicating with our trainer, doctor, and chiropractor. I don’t feel like a whole lot has changed for me in terms of training, but that’s probably because Nancy has done such a wonderful job of quickly and discreetly modifying exercises I was struggling with. This is something I really appreciate because, generally, I don’t like to draw a lot of attention to myself.

Back in November, my doctor had to fill out paperwork in order for me to continue to train throughout pregnancy. Nancy wrote a letter explaining that this was something that I’d been involved in for the past couple of years. I remember the doctor encouraging me to only lift 15 lbs, which left me feeling both limited and frustrated. I talked to Nancy about this because I knew I wasn’t trying to increase the amount of weight I was lifting, but if I wasn’t able to lift more than 15 lbs I wasn’t even going to maintain where I was. Our conversations left me feeling more confident in my own judgment and strength. I also knew that if I wasn’t feeling comfortable with a particular exercise, then I could lighten up on the weight or ask for a modification.

During training, I started to wear a heart rate monitor, which I was excited about because I had attended the 8-week heart rate monitor training session in Concord last year. I’d grown to really like seeing how quickly I could recover after getting my heart rate up. With this pregnancy, I was using the heart rate monitor to keep my heart rate below 80% of its maximum. Check-ins were subtle throughout training and I was encouraged to respond with at least five words so Nancy could gauge how I was doing. I regularly required reminders to breathe.

During my first trimester, I was able to participate in all of the exercises although there would be days (maybe weeks) where I felt so tired that I appreciated being able to choose a modified version of the exercise.  I felt like I had plenty of energy during my second trimester, but pushups, knee grab abs and lying T’s were beginning to be a real challenge.  On certain days where I was suffering from lower back pain, Nancy quickly came up with another option for me to do that would take the strain off of my back.

Being pregnant didn’t exempt me from goal setting. Instead, I was given the opportunity to focus on nutrition. I would fill out my food journal every other week, hand it into Nancy, and get feedback. I found this to be really helpful because it helped me see when and where I was eating my carbs, fats, and proteins. Nancy shared recipes with me and suggested other food options.

Training as a family is something we look forward to doing together, and it had bonded us in a way I’m not sure anything else could have.  Kellen and I can’t wait for you to meet our next generation of Get Fit NH.  This little one has been training with you for almost a full 40 weeks!” – Carolyn S.

Update: Carolyn and Kellen are happy to announce the birth of Gretchen in August. Congratulations from your Get Fit Family!