Body Composition Testing (Body Fat %)

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“What gets measured gets managed” – Peter Drucker

But what if we are measuring the wrong thing?

When it comes to “losing weight” many of us are slaves to the scale. Our whole day is made brighter (or absolutely ruined) by the number we see when when we pop off our shoes and take that short step up.

While I wouldn’t totally discount the scale as a useful measuring tool, it leaves a lot to be desired, because of what it does not tell us.

You see scales are dumb. They don’t know if you put a man, a woman, a cat or a chimpanzee on them.

And they certainly can’t tell what is most important when it comes to weight management, which is…

How much lean tissue (muscle) do I have versus how much bodyfat?

Because when it comes to managing our weight, those are the numbers that make all the difference.  For a much more detailed explanation why (with pictures) read Lean, Toned or Muscle?

Many times we speak to clients who are very frustrated because the scale hasn’t moved more than a few pounds, but when we dig a little deeper we find that they have dropped 2 or more sizes or a few inches off the waist. But still for some reason we just aren’t happy unless the scale shows us what we want.

I want to introduce you to a new kind of scale today. We have been testing it with some of our clients over the past few months with great results.

It is called the BodyMetrix ultrasound body composition analyzer.

What does the BodyMetrix do?

The BodyMetrix calculates bodyfat percentage using ultrasound, which is far less invasive and more comfortable than traditional calipers. It is much more accurate than hand held or scale type bodyfat testers, which use an estimation algorithm and are sensitive to hydration levels, exercise, and even the time of the day they are being taken.

Because the BodyMetrix differentiates between fat, muscle and bone at multiple sites, it is extremely accurate and reproducible. We can also take scans of specific sites for comparison later to accurately track changes in fat and muscle thickness – pretty cool!

More Benefits:

Fast – A site reading can be taken in as little as 2 seconds

Comfortable – no more embarrassing pinching

Health Assessment – the BodyMetrix not only provides total bodyfat percentage but also bodyfat distribution, which can be tied to increased health risks.

Why be tested with the BodyMetrix?

Unlike the dreaded scale, regularly keeping track of your bodyfat percentage let’s you know what is really going on inside, and make adjustments as necessary.

For instance your nutritional intervention is going to be different depending on if you are losing fat, losing muscle, or losing both. The more we know, the better decisions can be made.

Tracked over time, you can see the progress you have made and evaluate what is and isn’t working. No more guessing!

How do I get started?

It’s as simple as giving us a call and making an appointment!

Please call us at (603) 344-2651 to make an appointment for your personal bodyfat analysis.