Beach Bound For Boston – You Can Help!

22 August

onefundOn September 13th and 14th twelve amazing athletes and 2 intrepid coaches representing Get Fit NH are embarking on an odyssey to “Reach The Beach”. (Check out the madness here)

Coach Megan has been working like crazy to organize the team of 12 (not to mention getting me in line) for the 205+ mile adventure that starts at Cannon Mountain and ends up at Hampton Beach the next day.

But this group was not content to let the opportunity to help others go unnoticed, and adopted the team name “Beach Bound for Boston” shortly after the marathon bombing.

Here’s what team member (and RTB instigator) Mae Lynn has to say:

“All Americans took the horrible event at the Boston Marathon in April personally. But as runners, we took it especially hard to see our sport attacked at the most famous and most revered race there is, at the very spot many of us have dreamed of finding ourselves someday.

Like everyone else, we felt helpless and wanted to do something for those whose lives were forever changed that day. When we came together to plan for the Reach the Beach Relay shortly after the bombing, it was obvious what that something should be. We would do what runners do. We would run. We would be Beach Bound for Boston.”

The One Fund has raised more than $60M from people just like you for the victims and families of the bombings, but many still have a long road ahead. If you would like to donate directly to The One Fund, please click here

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