30 Challenges in 30 Days – Days 22 thru 30

14 August


hWe are over halfway home in our 30 Challenges in 30 Days, so don’t stop now.

Yes, I am calling you out. Yeah, you with the twinkie in your hand. Put it down!

Starting is important, but finishing what you started pays dividends in your mind, body and spirit. Quitting before you are done is draining and demoralizing, I’ve been there. Taking action every single day is key to reaching your goals, small and big.

You are worth seeing this through to the end, so Plan, Prepare, and Win!

30 Challenges in 30 Days 22-30

Day 22: Eat Veggies at your first meal – yes breakfast!

Day 23: Have your recovery drink before leaving Get Fit NH (or right after other strength training)

Day 24: Eat only raw vegetables today

Day 25: No Caffeine today. – (big culprits: coffee and chocolate)

Day 26: Eat 2 cups of vegetables at any one meal (salad doesn’t count)

Day 27: Replace your bread/pasta/rice with a vegetable at dinner

Day 28: Make a salad a main course for lunch or dinner today.

Day 29: Eat lean protein and a veggie anytime you eat today

Day 30: Not eat any added sugar foods – check each label carefully. Click here for sneaky sugar names

You can do it, there is no doubt.

Dig deep and Make It Happen!

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