Avocado Pick Up

20 May

avocadoFood does not have to be boring and it doesn’t have to look boring. Dress up any plate with one of these tasty sides.

These tasty nuggets are easy to make and filled with a variety of toppings that will accent your main course.

  1. Half an avocado filled with plain yogurt and sprinkled with sunflower or your favorite seed. (top of the circle).
  2. Dress up your snack with an avocado filled with one tablespoon olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt and pepper and drizzled with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Fantastic!
  3. Serving Salmon or grilled chicken? Spruce it up with an avocado filled with mango salsa and garnished with parsley.
  4. Mexican food just isn’t finished until you serve avocado, salsa, topped with green onions.

Ever wonder how to cut an avocado to serve? I learned this by reading the label so hold onto your hat, its just as easy as it sounds. Use a sharp knife slice all the way around the avocado. Hold the avocado in two hands and twist.  To pop out the seed, press a knife or a spoon on one side and loosen the seed until it comes out.


Now you have two half to serve up with your favorite filling. If you want the avocado out of the skin, use a large spoon and slowly go between the avocado  and the skin. Now you can slice it up for salads, or add to an omelet, or use to make guacamole.

Enjoy the foods you eat,

Coach Nancy


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