A SkiErg “Friendly” with Concept2 and Sweden

11 May



Some of the boys came up with an idea for a friendly little SkiErg match with the gang up at Concept2, who managed to get a team from Sweden to join the fun.

So the Get Fit NH Dream Team of Frank, Adam, Brian and Scott got together for a 2000m relay, and man did they crank it! A time of 6:24.0 for 2000 meters is flying for sure.

Here’s the final results:

Team Sweden: 5:56.0 (average age unknown)  Video Here

Team Get Fit NH: 6:24.0 (average age 57) Video Here

Team C2 Josh: 6:30.8 (average age 52)

Team C2 Judy: 6:57.5 (average age 57)  Video Here

Next time we are looking for some ladies to join the fun, we do have the defending ladies champs train here after all.

If someone taps you on the shoulder be ready! :)




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