Spring Seminar Series starts Next Tuesday

20 March


wholehealthDr. Laura Jones will be at Get Fit NH Concord next Tuesday, March 26th at 7:00pm for the first part of our Spring Seminar Series.

Here’s a synopsis of Part 1:

Thyroid Health

The thyroid is one of the major conductors of the endocrine system orchestra. This precious gland plays a key role in metabolism, weight, body composition, energy, and mood.

Several factors can influence the thyroid including genetics, diet, sleep, and stress. Often a thorough thyroid panel along with some handy detective work is necessary to unlock the secrets to one’s thyroid health and as a result sub-optimal thyroid health can go undetected for years.

Come learn more about the thyroid, the precious role it plays in our health, some of the signs and symptoms indicating that it may need some attention as well as some common naturopathic recommendations to support healthy thyroid function.

Invite your friends and family!


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