Climbing Outing at Evolution Rock – Register Now!

11 March


Braver than Coach Dean – Check!

Hey guys, we are excited to have finalized our plans for our indoor rock climbing expedition with our friends over at Evolution Rock and Fitness! Thanks to Coach Meagan for doing the ground work to make this happen.

Join us on Saturday April 13th from 9:00am to 11:00am for a fantastic morning of climbing fun. There will be climbing instructors there to help us learn proper technique and navigate our way up the walls. Seeing as I am not too found of heights (to put in mildly) it could be quite entertaining for y’all. :)

It’s very important you get your registration and payment in ASAP to secure a spot. We need to have a final head count by Monday April 1st, so don’t delay. It would be a whole lot of fun to have about 50 of us take the place over! :)

Registration Procedure

You will need to register and pay with Get Fit NH (form below) as well as sign Evolution’s online waiver. If you wait to sign the waiver, the world will turn off it’s axis and we will fall into the sun (or something like that).

Date: Saturday April 13, 2013

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

Cost: $25.00

Registration Deadline Monday April 1, 2013

Registration is closed – we’ll do it again!


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