Get Fit NH Closing Friday Afternoon 02/08/2013 – But All Is Not Lost!

08 February

hearthealthyIt is never an easy decision to close the training facilities, and depending on where you are sitting reading this there might not be a whole lot of action outside your window right now.

However there are a number of considerations that factored into this decision. The forecast is calling for increasing snowfall as the afternoon progresses, and again depending on where you are roads are getting pretty ugly right now. So while you may be able to get to the gym during daylight hours on your way home from work, it is getting home after training, in the dark, that concerns me.

It is not only our clients that I am concerned for, but also our coaching team making their way home in the dark on snow and ice covered roads. Their safety is not a risk I am willing to make. I trust you understand, and please direct your questions if any toward me.

But all is not lost this afternoon! We wouldn’t leave you hanging, so if you really want to get a great training session in this afternoon, have I got a deal for you! :)

As we shared yesterday February is American Heart Health Month, and we have put together the “21 Day Heart Health Cardio Program” that you can download for free and put into use this very afternoon.

Not only that, but for every copy that is downloaded through the month of February, we will donate $1 to the American Heart Association – how cool is that!?

Please download your copy of the program by clicking here, and help us support a great cause.

Thanks for your understanding, and we will see you Monday!

Coach Dean

P.S. – Want to find out how to get us to donate an additional $10 to the AHA? Click Here!

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