“Eating Your Way ‘RIGHT’ Through the Holidays” – Success!

09 January


PPW3_Logo-TMEating your way RIGHT through the holidays was about not about easy or being average.

It wasn’t about settling for the typical but rather going against the grain (no pun intended).

It was about you taking control of your life and your choices, not let others control you.

And you did amazing!

Eating your way RIGHT through the holidays lasted 12 weeks and saw over 46 Get Fit NH clients participating. 31 magnificent clients lost weight from Halloween to New Years and 6 more kept their weight even.  They should all be congratulated. If you know one, please let them know how great they are.

A special shout out goes to the top 5. Between them they lost 76 pounds! Five people during the most difficult time of the year, lost weight, and lots of it.

Without making you wait any longer here is your top 5, with percentage of weight lost:

1. Debbie Berwick – 13.41%

2. Lynne Marston – 8.13%

3. Beth Garcia – 7.78%

4. Kim LeBrun – 7.15%

5. Judy Odom – 5.89%

How great is that!

Our Partners for Success have opened up their hands and helped us congratulate these ladies (yes, all ladies this time round) by providing these wonderful prizes for our winners. Thank-you all so much! Please visit the websites below and check out these great services.

Debbie will receive a gift certificate to D’Tangles Salon & Spa in Epsom as well as our friends at Chichester Massage.

Our other winners will enjoy gift certificates from D’Tangles, Sally’s Hair’em in Concord, or Peace & Balance Body Therapies in Concord. A wonderful way to reward their hard work.

The holidays are over, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop Eating RIGHT, so keep up the great work!

Coach Nancy






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