PPW3 Habit 5: Eat Healthy Fats Daily

22 October


The very word makes most of us shudder.

I mean maintaining a healthy bodyfat level is critical for optimal health.

It’s what most of us are trying to get rid of.

And that is exactly why you need fat in your diet.


You see while most of us are concerned we get too much fat in our diet, the fact is that most of us probably aren’t getting enough, especially of the “healthy” fats.

Here’s what Ryan Andrews over at Precision Nutrition has to say about healthy fats

Why are healthy fats so important?

Fats exert powerful effects within the body and healthy fats have been shown to offer the following benefits.

Strong evidence

Cardiovascular protection (though there is less evidence for protecting against heart failure)
Improve body composition
Alleviate depression

Average evidence
Prevent cancers
Preserve memory
Preserve eye health
Reduce incidence of aggressive behaviour
Reduce ADHD and ADD symptoms

When it comes to healthy fat, intake amount is important. People are often concerned about excess dietary fat, but not getting enough fat may also cause health problems.

We need adequate fat to support metabolism, cell signaling, the health of various body tissues, immunity, hormone production, and the absorption of many nutrients (such as vitamins A and D). Having enough fat will also help keep you feeling full between meals.

(Read Ryan’s Complete Article – “All About Healthy Fats”)

If you are a meat eater it is more than likely you are getting enough saturated fat, but are probably lacking in mono and polyunsaturated fats, and most of us are just not getting enough Omega-3 fat.

On your PPW Kitchen shopping list there is a list of healthy fats and oils that you want to make sure you are adding into your plan.

Don’t be afraid of your fats -you can’t live without them!


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