Sensational Squash Soup

17 October

Fall is soup time. This soup recipe is loaded with flavor and will add in those all important vegetables.


Deb, famous for training at Get Fit NH in Concord and making this soup recipe, says: “I make squash soup each weekend. I have it ready for those lunch meals to bring into work with me. To make it PPW compliant, I add in some grilled chicken. This soup only has a few ingredients, but it does take a fair amount of chopping –sharpen that big knife.  It’s worth it.”


I always double the recipe and freeze half for later


Sensational Squash Soup


1 whole squash (I use butternut), peeled & cut up into smallish chunks

1 yellow onion coarsely chopped

2 large apples peeled & cored and chopped

4 cups fat free chicken broth

Curry to taste

Tarragon to taste

Salt & pepper to taste


Chop everything.  Saute onions in small amount of olive oil in large soup pot.  Add cut squash and apples and saute for 7 minutes. Add chicken stock and boil until squash is tender (depends on size of chunks how long this takes — 15-20 minutes?  Keep testing.)  Puree until smooth.  Add curry (I like a lot, but start with a teaspoon or two and add as you like), tarragon (a small amount, maybe a teaspoon, again, to taste) and salt & pepper.  Serve hot.


Deb’s helpful cooking tip: Best way to puree this is with a wand blender, one of those cool things you just dunk up and down in your hot pot of soup. They’re inexpensive and great to have around. If you puree in your blender, leave lots of air room at the top or the heat from the soup will blow the top off and you’ll get scalded.  Or wait until it cools.


Nancy’s tip: Leave the peel on the squash. It is edible. Once the squash is cooked, the peel disappears as your puree. It adds more fiber to this soup. And besides, I don’t like to peel butternut squash.

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